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Sumangala Bungalow is surrounded by evergreen forests that are rich in all types of vegetation making it one of the richest environments for pure and intoxicatingly fresh air.Valparai is also among the places receiving one of the highest rainfalls in india. The Bungalow is located on Sumangala Estates, a historic and reputed landmark in Valparai. Promoted by the Ukkens Group in Chalakudy, the estates offers wholesome comfort in economic packages that take care of all your requirements.

Valparai is one of the most beautiful places on earth.it is not crowded like other tourist spots and has a very peaceful ambience that offers all round adventure that one has to experience at least once in there in their lifetimes…and then keep coming back for more.Water-falls, tea estates, animal and bird life, fresh air and dense forests are just a part of the Valparai experience.The place is surrounded by historic and scenic spots that offer unique experiences of their own and need to be seen to be believed.Mount Terrain Resort is the center of that experience and the home from which you will see life itelf in a new perspective.

Set amidst dense forests, the drive itself offers an experience of what is in store once you get there.Several vantage points along the route offer refreshing breaks during the journey along with heavenly views and lots of pure natural air .Nestled among the hills is this unique place which has abundance of vegetation, wild life and adventure


Valparai Mount Terrain Resort
Near Sholayar Dam,
Sholayar Nagar
Valparai,Tamil Nadu

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